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Employee Communication — A Direct Link to Profitability
Every employee on your payroll is a spokesperson for the company. And what they say in the marketplace carries more weight than your best annual report, your most creative advertising, or the most aggressive public relations campaign. Yet company after company fails to partner with this incredible asset.

The results of recognition, communication, and win/win partnership programs created by Berry Ecke Associates go directly to the bottom line in terms of increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and the creation of well informed ambassadors to the communities and markets critical to the organizationís success. An independent readership survey conducted on behalf of one of our clients revealed 98 percent of employees read the corporate newsletter, edited and produced by Berry Ecke Associates. An impressive 63 percent say it broadened their knowledge of the company. And isnít a well informed employee among a firmís most valuable resources?

Berry Ecke Associatesí 30 years as a specialist in this practice area puts it among the top public relations firms in the nation. There is no learning curve!

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