Case Study: HJM Consulting
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Case Study: HJM Consulting
Creating a Corporate Image through integrated marketing materials

HJM Consulting, Inc., a Manhattan-based software consulting firm specializing in the implementation of SAP technology, was looking to expand its customer base. As part of the "redefining" process, HJM wanted a glossy brochure and an identifiable look to carry through all newsletters, web pages and mailings. It wanted to support this new image with strong written materials detailing HJM strengths — and everything had to be pulled together by August 25 — opening day of Sapphire '96, the industry's biggest trade show. 

The date was non-negotiable. HJM determined it was imperative to use Sapphire '96 as the platform for spreading the word on HJM capabilities. The challenge — Berry Ecke Associates (BEA) wasn't called in on the project until mid-June. The goal was to create a media kit/brochure for HJM's prospective clients that would enhance their excellent reputation as an early SAP implementation partner with a history of success. 

Program objectives
• To create a unifying identity for all HJM communications — including newsletters, mailings and web pages
• To create a brochure that could be easily updated (an absolute essential in the fast-moving field of technology) 
• To create a media kit/ brochure which would "stand out" among considerable competition at Sapphire '96
• To utilize compelling headlines and graphics for use in trade show booth design 

The Berry Ecke Associates Approach
When BEA came on the scene, HJM had the beginnings of a visually exciting logo which was designed for its Internet home page. Taking inspiration from the logo, which included an abstract globe, BEA titled the brochure "A World of Difference." The logo and "World of Difference" theme was carried over to the trade show booth, luggage tag premiums and polos (with embroidered logo) worn by HJM staff throughout the 3-day show. In addition to the brochure, BEA set about creating a newsletter that would have "life after Sapphire." 

In order to allow time for client approval and printing, the brochure, newsletter and product insert pages were all completed in a single month. Simultaneously, BEA coordinated press releases with SAP headquarters; three releases were written and added to the brochure pocket for distribution at Sapphire '96. 

The Results  
BEA delivered 500 brochures to Sapphire '96. The brochure was a hit, appealing to prospective clients and press alike. The racks in both the press room and show floor emptied quickly. HJM believes that the ringing phones and "hot prospects" are a strong indication that the message was delivered to the right people. BEA definitely made a "world of difference" for HJM Consulting, Inc.   

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