What's Your Story?

Packaging the Right Ingredients for Placement

Pick up the nearest newspaper or trade magazine and flip through the pages. You're sure to find a host of feature articles highlighting a dizzying spectrum of projects, products and companies. How many times have you wished it were your company getting all the positive press? Well, it probably can. Chances are the ingredients for a great feature story already exist. You only need to package them effectively for presentation to the media. To do so, ask yourself these questions:

  • What's the story?
    Technology is a subject, not a story. What do you want to say about technology? Focus your idea and narrow it down until you have a very specific topic. Example: Achieving greater productivity using cellular technology.

  • Is it compelling?
    A good story is unique. Look for experiences, people and even statistics that might set your story apart from the others. Think about approaching the topic from a different point of view. Example: Discuss a case study in which cellular technology led to greater productivity, better service or increased profits.

  • Who cares?
    Think about the audience reading the publication you are targeting. Not everything can be in the Sunday New York Times. Be realistic. What are the trade magazines and/or newspaper sections that would welcome your story?

    Asking yourself these and other tough questions first will keep an editor from asking them later. If you still think you have a story but need some help, our 25-year track record for media placements speaks for itself. Think about letting us tell your story.