Web Wisdom
-Tips to Keep the Hits Coming -

Just about everyone, from acrobats to zoologists, has a Web page. So, how do you make yours distinctive and memorable? Here are some tips that will help visitors feel right at home on your corporate home site.

Corporate Consistency
Your Web site should reinforce your corporate culture. Keep its look and feel consistent with other marketing materials, and you'll deliver the right impression.

Tool Time
Online tools/interactive services such as account maintenance programs, calculators and product tracking systems can really help your business, by providing customers with personalized information quickly and efficiently. And password protection, where appropriate, assures customer safety and security. These interactive assistants will prove to clients and critics alike that your site isn't just another pretty face.

Full Graphics or Graphics Lite - Reader's Choice
Cutting-edge graphics and spine-tingling sounds may be downright cool, but the frills may increase downloading time -- not exactly a perk for those on the go. Let the reader decide which option is most desirable.

Clean and Clear
Easy-to-understand links and crisp page design will help visitors navigate efficiently, without needing to take the grand tour. Too many bells and whistles can distract, overwhelm, and frustrate.

Say What?
If your company has an international presence, you may want to consider a site with multi-lingual options. Need we translate all the benefits this feature can provide?

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