Vaccinate Against the Millenium Bug:
Making Employees Aware of Y2K

How is your team preparing for January 1, 2000? Do they know about the "glitch" in the date field that can cripple business? Are they aware of efforts to whack this bug before it flies?

Businesses need to communicate the importance of Y2K compliance to all employees. Successful companies will involve everyone - from the boardroom to the mailroom - in the process. A total team effort is the best way to guard against weak links, internally or externally.

Any break in the chain can cost the business thousands of dollars in lost services and products, and, potentially, in insurance and legal fees.

Millennium Bug facts every business should know:

  • The estimated cost of correcting the Y2K problem worldwide is over $600 billion
  • Corporations will earmark 44 percent of their 1999 budgets for Y2K spending projects
  • Litigation costs over Y2K service and product failures can soar to $1 trillion or more
  • The House and the Senate passed the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Act, which provides limited liability protection to encourage companies to share Y2K information, but does not protect businesses from product or service failures related to Y2K
Shared information may be the best hope of curing the Millennium Bug. A newsletter apprising employees of the latest company efforts, or a column from the IT Department on new technology may provide the best medicine. Berry Associates can prescribe a balanced, comprehensive internal and external communications and awareness program, so call us today for a Y2K checkup.