Your company newsletter doesn't have to cost a fortune

As production and stock prices rise, the drain on your company's communications budget can lead to some bad decisions -- like communicating less frequently. Here are some ideas to help you get more for your dollar and in the process put out a more reader-friendly and complete newsletter.

  • Reduce the page count. With better organization of columns and a reduction     of feature size, your 12-pager can be an 8-pager and still include vital     information.

  • Allow some graphics in 3-color, rather than full-color. Full color is not always     necessary for a great visual effect.

  • Depend on royalty-free photos such as your own graphics, rather than $500     stock photos from an agency.

  • Plan every issue. Often, some information is better communicated through     other media, such as e-mail, intranets or bulletin boards.

  • Make final edits on proofs, not during production.

  • Know the mailing lists. Weed out old and multiple addresses to determine     the correct number of copies needed.

  • Meet your production deadlines for every step of the production process.     Delaying editing and production costs money.

    We know how vital company communications are, and we'd like to help you streamline your efforts for optimum results. If you'd like to assess your newsletter production process for cost-cutting changes, we welcome your call. For a more complete list of ideas to cut print costs, go to www.berryassociates.com.