Online Issues
- A New Era for the In-House Publication -

Though print is still king, you've probably thought about creating an online companion for your popular employee publication - and thought some more. Now it's time to act. Everybody's doing it, it's true. But for more compelling reasons, read on:

Employee updates, awards and must-know news can be transmitted in a flash. Company e-mail alerts employees to these stop-the-press stories in a nanosecond.

Readers Are Reporters, Too
Online publications are interactive, offering the opportunity for readers to render story reviews, provide ideas for upcoming issues, and offer updates on their unit or department, making them feel like regular roving reporters.

Countdown to Success
By tracking Intranet hits and paths of online users, companies can find out which stories and features matter most.

Easy Come, Easy Go
In just a few keystrokes, unwanted errors disappear. Timely updates are a snap.

Yesterday's News. . . A Thing of the Past
A distinct advantage of the online publication is the ability to easily change stories. So now, yesterday's news is just that.

Free Advertising!
Your online companion is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a demand for your next print issue, and vice-versa. Story teasers and pull quotes are great attention getters.

Coming in January: our brochure, "Plugged In - How to Write for the Web."

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