Now See This!
Three Steps to Dynamite Presentations…

Some presentations are dynamite! And some deserve to be dynamited. Technology has allowed almost anyone to create visuals for presentations. Often, the result is boring and devoid of substance. Content may suffer, screens or slides are misused and the point of the presentation is lost in all the clutter. Consider the following for your next presentation:

Don't lose sight of the message! And keep the message visible throughout. Content is king. And content + visuals = impressions, motivation, retention. Research shows powerful visuals tell a story 40 percent quicker than words alone. Here's how to make your audience sit up and take notice:

Step 1 - Explode on the scene

Plan your visual support carefully and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is each visual easy to absorb within 5 to 8 seconds?
  2. Is it clear where my eye should travel and what I should look at first?
  3. Does each visual hold my attention? Will I remember the message?
  4. Can the guy in the last row clearly read every word or figure? (How many times have you heard, "I know you can't see all of this so I'll read it to you." Aaggghhh!)
Step 2 - Power it up, but don't overpower it.

Keep yourself in the spotlight. After all, you are the focus of the presentation, not the visuals. Don't use them as a crutch -- it's best to know your subject matter cold. And always say more than you show. Good presentations introduce one concept, with no more than three support bullets per slide.

Step 3 - Fire off the works…in color

Color attracts attention, adds vitality and increases the audience's desire to listen. Used wisely, color highlights key points and organizes graphics. Contrasting color and type styles help draw attention to important elements. Words should flow from left to right and top to bottom.

For more steps, or just a chat about your next presentation, give us a call. For over 25 years, Berry Associates has designed presentations with "pop." Let's talk!