Net Newsletters:
A Breed Apart

Cloning may work for sheep, but newsletters are a different animal. Print and online publications are second cousins, at best. Here are some tips to help techno-savvy communicators make the most out of Intranet publications:

  • Short and sweet: Readers should get to the most important information without clicking or scrolling.
  • Lose that lead: No matter how compelling your prose, the reader wants to get to the meat of the matter.
  • Just the facts: Save sidebars, extensive quotes and anecdotal information for print.
  • Be informal: People think of the Web as one-on-one communication, so keep text conversational.
  • Go for the funnybone: Readers expect the Intranet to be fun; humor and colorful graphics work well.
  • Right at home: The "front" page (or home page) is critical; it becomes the reader's navigational map.
  • Lots of links: Create multiple links to related material so those who want more information can find it easily.
  • Up the updates: The advantage of an electronic magazine is its timeliness.
  • Instant input: Online publications offer a great opportunity for readers to offer feedback.
  • Rules are rules: Just because it's on screen, the rules of grammar haven't changed.
  • Download drudgery: Keep graphics interesting, but avoid those that seem to take forever to download.
  • Get with the gadgets: For instance, put the chairman's address on audio; consider rolling text so the reader doesn't ever have to scroll. Technology is on a constant forward march!

Of course, none of this means that print is going away any time soon - or anytime at all. There's merit to having in-depth information you can stick in a briefcase to share with the family. And when people need lots of information at once, print is still the best way to go.

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