"Instant" News vs News "In-Depth"

Ms. Employee logs on to XYZ Corp's company Intranet. A hot button logo directs her to the familiar employee newsletter - just a mouse-click away. Great! That makes company news instantly accessible. The down side? She can't bring the Intranet home to her family, and she can't read it at the company picnic tables during lunch hour.

So, what can an online newsletter offer Ms. Employee that's value-added compared with highly-portable paper?

SPEED - Time is ticking XYZ makes a major announcement. A timely memo from the CEO appears in her in-box. Online communication can: Provide employees with information while the XYZ Monthly is still at the printers, it can post FAQs and provide an anxiety-reducing Q&A online chat.

BREVITY - Short and sweet Print provides in-depth analysis of management strategies. It can garner support and change behavior. Online newsletters are a brief blast of fresh news. The key is to deliver the latest information as quickly as possible. A plant closing is announced. Handle corporate strategy in next month's newsletter. Online, stick to facts and figures to head off "grapevine" rumors.

CONNECTIONS - Lively Links Unless a strong wind comes along, paper newsletters are pretty static. Online versions provide live links to sites that deepen employee understanding. A two-paragraph profile of an employee volunteer links right to the non-profit's site. Streaming audio and video add an "I was there," interactive intimacy.

IT TAKES TWO - OPTIMIZING COMMUNICATION Corporate communicators are coming to realize that both electronic and traditional forms of communication are critical to reaching employees, promoting company values, instilling pride, modifying behavior, creating understanding of company goals and strategies and encouraging excellence.

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