Long Live the Employee Publication

In this e-lectronic e-ra, more and more people are using e-mail, Web-enabled cell phones, satellite TV, the Internet and company Intranets to get a handle on the news. But is there a place for print in this microchip-dominated world?

At Berry Associates, we believe reports of the demise of the employee publication have been greatly exaggerated. Research continues to confirm that the printed employee publication is the last reliable, tangible, company news resource. Beyond the fact that employees consider the company newsletter a credible and accurate information source, there are three big reasons why it will continue to dominate:

The Human Factor - Print has a sense of permanence. Who doesn't like to see his or her name and picture in print for winning an award or meeting an important goal? Thanks to its portability, the printed newsletter can be taken home and shared with family and friends. Tape it on the fridge and you've added considerably to your fifteen minutes of fame!

The Low-Tech Factor - Many companies are grappling with the issue of how to set policies concerning Internet and Intranet use. What should be posted and when? How often do we want employees to visit? A printed publication eliminates these concerns. Readers have their own copy to review at their leisure.

The Executive Factor - The key to reinforcing a message is redundancy. Recurring columns can highlight best practices and feedback features allow for two-way communication. Executive columns give company leaders important "face time" in which to talk about company direction and priorities.

There are many other reasons to establish and maintain a printed corporate newsletter. When it comes to telling a story, nothing can match the power of the written word. That's where we come in. Berry Associates has been helping companies communicate with their workforce for over a quarter of a century. Let us help you.