Intranet Building Blocks

Building an Intranet is a lot like building a hotel. The architect is the information technology group. The contractors are your programmers. The interior designers are your graphic designers. The voice of the customer is the corporate communications group. And your guests are the users.

OK. So now that you know who the players are, where do you start? Well, to build a hotel you need a blueprint. . .

Intranet Blueprint:

  • Get management buy-in.
  • Form a cross-functional Intranet team from different areas of the business.
  • Make friends with the information technology (IT) group. They will help you!
  • Create a wish list - think big! IT will let you know what is realistic.
  • Create an Intranet policy for the entire company.
  • Set a common "look" for your Intranet pages.
  • Start with a prototype, get feedback and then make changes.
  • Survey your employees. What do they want on their Intranet?
  • Form a steering committee to establish standards, design page templates, produce feedback mechanisms and arrange training sessions.

Once you have the "go ahead" for launching your Intranet, you have to promote it just as you would market a new hotel. If no one knows it exists, no one will come visit!

Intranet Marketing Tips:

  • Update employees on the progress or the changes with the Intranet by e-mail
  • Create postcards or flyers for companywide distribution
  • Provide case studies to employees showing the benefits of using the Intranet
  • Conduct focus groups
  • Spotlight Intranet users in newsletters
  • Set up demos of new features in prominent locations
  • Provide incentives for Intranet suggestions

With a good blueprint, diligent workers, solid construction, friendly interaction and an exciting marketing plan, your Intranet can become the Waldorf Astoria of Intranets.

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