Let the Ideas Flow
Brainstorming Can Bring Out Your Best

Need marketing ideas for a new product? Don't know how best to communicate a new business initiative? There's no need to act alone! Brainstorming is a group activity dedicated to the principle that many minds are better than one.

The beauty of brainstorming is its simplicity. Just follow these six simple steps to a productive brainstorming session:

  1. Designate a leader. This person should facilitate ideas without limiting participation or enthusiasm.
  2. Invite participants with a wide range of backgrounds and points of view.
  3. Assign a recorder to write ideas where all can see them.
  4. Decide on a time limit - enough time so that the group can warm up, but short enough to prevent dropping out.
  5. Identify the central problem or idea.
  6. Explain the ground rules:
    • There are no bad ideas! -- When a teammate has a fresh idea on how to accomplish a project, give it a chance. "Nutty" ideas may lead to the perfect solution.
    • Let the ideas flow - This is a time where people don't need to "take turns."
    • Stay true to your team -- Acknowledge team members who contribute. Give credit to all participants, not just the most vocal.
Berry Associates has been organizing brainstorming sessions for over 25 years. We'll gather your best minds and combine them with our team -- and watch the creative fireworks fly! When the dust settles, we'll provide you with a plan of action for your toughest communication challenges.