Get Real!

  • Two corporate giants announce merger plans
  • Asian markets appear shaky; threaten global business partnerships
  • Corporate health costs soar; payment plans to change
  • Y2K millennium bug could ruin businesses worldwide
Every day, newspaper headlines and the broadcast media carry stories about events affecting the global economy, our national security, state-supported funding, the industry we work in -- and most importantly, our own jobs. Fine. So we're informed, but how do we make sense of what these newsworthy stories mean for our personal lives?

Corporate communication has a unique opportunity to build rapport with employees and earn their trust by addressing real world issues in a real way. Rather than exclusively disseminating information about company-focused, inward-directed topics, Best Practices companies are bringing the outside world into the workplace. Company leadership doesn't need to "take a stand" on a controversial topic. Simply by presenting the various sides of an issue, showing how events could affect the company and suggesting how employees' actions could make a difference, issue-centered communication can demystify the news and exponentially increase the credibility of corporate leadership.

The vehicles for presenting real world communication about competitors, technology or health and safety issues are nearly endless -- from a simple letter from the Chairman distributed desk-to-desk, transmitted by e-mail or posted on the company Intranet, to dynamic, single-topic newsletters, videos, interactive CD-ROMs or video-transmitted town hall meetings. The method chosen should reflect the immediacy of the topic as well as the corporate culture. What's really important is creating a communication strategy that will build a bridge between employees and employers.

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