Gadgets, Gizmos and Why
We Hate the Help Desk

Information Technology (IT) is getting a bad name. The Internet stock bubble is bursting --- and how. Many employees are wondering when this dot-com commotion will end. At work, their increased reliance on technology, coupled with a high incidence of IT change, causes help desk "on-hold" times to skyrocket and contributes to stress-induced cynicism about IT initiatives.

On the other hand, every day brings reports of an exciting new wireless or Web application that can change the way they will work, adding efficiencies and providing faster, easier access to colleagues and customers.

That's why many employees are excited about the possibilities new technology will bring, but they also remain skittish about IT change and insecure about their ability to master the next IT tools.

The best way to deal? Start talking about IT issues with your employees. Show them where IT makes their lives easier. Provide transparency to IT processes: What happens when I call the help desk and what kinds of questions should I get answers to on our IT Intranet site instead? Why do we need this Windows upgrade and what's in it for me? What cool gadgets and gizmos are the IT folks checking out for us and when can I expect one to land on my desk?

Obviously, communication can't solve a server meltdown or get back the five minutes you spent on hold time with the help desk. Yet communication can combat the stress of IT change. It can manage employee expectations while firing their excitement for the next wave of IT innovation. And it can let them know that someone cares about the foibles and frustrations of living and working during the scariest days of the technological revolution.

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