CD-ROMS - Good Things Come in Small Packages

What is small enough to hold in your hand but big enough to carry a world of information? A CD-ROM. Ask any communications expert and they'll say that CD-ROMs are revolutionizing the communications industry because their exciting, interactive nature makes users want to learn. The medium sparks the imagination and is a perfect fit with other interactive communications vehicles in today's multi-media communications environment like e-mail, video conferencing and Internet/Intranet sites. For proof of CD-ROMs' popularity, check out these facts:
  • In 1998, CD-ROM sales were up 259 percent.
  • Over 50 percent of CD-ROM owners use the drive several times a day.
  • It's an industry standard - every computer is formatted with a CD-ROM drive.
No longer confined to the realm of fantasy games, CD-ROMs are now recognized as an important corporate communications tool. They blend audio, video and graphics to create an ideal business forum, with uses such as:

  • Marketing materials
  • Employee orientations
  • Kiosk content
  • Presentations
  • Trade show supplements
  • Product and literature catalogs
  • Their edge over other formats is space. A CD-ROM holds more information than a standard SyQuest Disk, Zip Disk and SuperDisk, and weighs about one ounce. One 650-megabyte disk is the equivalent of 469 high-density diskettes. You also get more bang for the buck - 650-megabyte CD-ROMs cost approximately $1.25 each. Compare that to 1,000-megabyte Jaz Disks at $89 each! Universal ease of use makes them versatile. A CD-ROM can be read by a PC or a Macintosh, and switch from one to the other without losing any content. And the little disk delivers a power-packed presentation with real-time video and voice and energizing music.

    CD-ROMs give communicators a tool to let creativity run wild. A virtual tour of a manufacturing plant, a trip through the company's history or a lively presentation of the annual report - the possibilities are endless. Call Berry Associates for the key to unlocking your company's imagination with CD-ROM communication.